The 30-Day Challenge is Being Delayed & Why That’s a GREAT Thing!

So today is the day our thirty-day challenge was to begin! But, during the past week, I’ve been thinking, praying & pondering about ways to make this challenge even more meaningful for everyone involved. I’ve learned a lot since the last time I did this & I knew there had to be ways to help you not only get more out of it, but actually see it through to the end!

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself…

  1. How can I help you stay motivated to keep going & not give up?
  2. How do I keep you from getting “information overload”?
  3. How can I bring the thoughts & experiences of others to this challenge?
  4. What things can you do BEFORE the challenge starts to make it more successful?

I’ve been brainstorming & this is what I’ve come up with…

1.  Everyone knows that you are  more likely to give up on something when you do it by yourself. You are much more likely to keep going when you have a support group, and you are even more likely to not give up when someone is counting on you. Right?  So here’s my solution: We do this challenge in teams of three! And we have a reward for the winning team! I’m still working on the rules & the reward, but believe me, it will keep you motivated!!

2.  When you experience information overload, it’s hard to let things sink in & really make an impact. One thing I’ve heard in past challenges is that there’s a lot of great information but not enough time to digest it because we’re moving so quickly.  I get it…our lives are busy! Most of us don’t have time to sit & read & think & then write down our thoughts…every single day, for thirty days. My solution: We turn this into a 90-day challenge, so you have three days to soak in the information instead of one! Basically, it will be just like the regular challenge except I’ll be posting a new quote & thought every three days.  So you’ll read the blog post the first day & then have two days to process & apply it to your life.

3.  It’s so inspiring for me to receive emails about someone’s life-changing experience or “ah-ha moment” that came from participating in the challenge. I’ve always wanted a way to be able to share these stories with my readers, but didn’t have time to fit them into the challenge. Now that we’ll have two days in-between,my solution is: to use one of those days to share your stories. If you have one of those moments during the challenge, I would love for you to email me & I’ll share your experience on my blog. If it’s too personal, I can always keep you anonymous. It is SO powerful to learn from & be inspired by one another!

4.  I tend to not give my readers enough heads up when it comes to starting one of these challenges. I feel like a lot more people would participate if they heard about it sooner. Also, there are a couple of things that, if you had time to gather, could make this challenge a lot more powerful. So my solution for that is: we will start this 90-day challenge on June 1st, giving you two weeks to prepare. On Tuesday, May 19th, I will outline everything you’ll need to make this the best challenge ever! This will include how to put together teams, the rules of the contest, & other things I find extremely helpful to get the most out of your experience.

If you have any questions (or if you have a testimonial you’d like to share from participating in a past challenge), please email me over the weekend at I’ll do my best to answer your questions in my post on Tuesday & I’d love to share some of your testimonials!

Thanks for being so awesome! I truly love & appreciate my readers!

We’ll talk again soon,


P.S.Here’s another sneak peek of one of the quotes…

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 2.30.36 AM

To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from my blog for the past four months. I had a baby back in September & didn’t realize what a huge adjustment that would be for me. My three other kids are in school, so it’s like starting all over again with this new little one. I have to admit, it’s been really nice to take a break from all things work-related. I could have been on here, pushing myself to create content & staying up-to-date, but something inside me knew that I needed a break from the stress of deadlines.

That being said, there were days when I would ask myself, “Should I blog again? Or should this be my exit strategy?”.  I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to get back on-line. I struggled with what I should do moving forward, but there was always something inside of me that knew I would miss this too much if I turned it off completely. I enjoy connecting with others. I enjoy creating new things. I love having my own little place on the web to share my thoughts & creativity.

And so I’ve decided it’s finally time to come back. And what better way to do that then with my super popular “Thirty-day Challenge on Thoughts”?! The last time I hosted this challenge was back in October of 2013.  I had numerous requests to turn it into a printable format & I’m happy to say that you will finally be able to purchase a new & improved version of the challenge! I’ve redone the quotes & formatted them to fit an 8.5×11 piece of paper. So not only can you print them out for the challenge, but you can also frame your favorites & put them up in your home!  I’ve included a preview of one of the quotes below…

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.03.57 AM

The challenge will begin in one week, on Friday, May 15th. I’ll be back before then with more details about where & how to purchase the challenge in printable format. I’ll also give you some fun suggestions on how to make the most of this challenge! In the meantime, spread the word and invite your friends & family to join you as you work on improving your thoughts…one quote at a time. ;)

The 2015 Life Planner


My new 2015 Life Planner is packed full of color & inspiration! You’re gonna love planning your days & journaling your memorable moments in this beautiful planner. It has everything you need including a time management section, relationship building section, health & fitness section, and a money management section. This year I’ve also included twelve colorful quotes to inspire you each month.

The sections & pages included in the 2015 planner are…

- Twelve monthly quotes & printable tabs

- Time Management Section: 2015 Monthly Calendars, Weekly Schedule, Checklists & Shopping Lists, Project Planner, Monthly Goal Sheet


- Relationship Section: Questionnaires, “Ask a Question” Journal, Weekly “Right Now” Challenge, Daily Gratitude Journal, The 30 Day Challenge, Bucket List & Journal, Service Project Ideas, Inspiration List, Ways to Improve Relationships, Book Club Pages

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.33.36 PM

- Health & Fitness Section: Weekly Meal Planner, Four-Week Exercise Plan, Favorite Recipes, Food Journal, Exercise Journal

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 6.57.07 AM

- Money Management Section: Monthly Budget, Monthly Balance Sheet, Monthly Cash Flow, Business Expense Sheet

*You can see all of the planner pages up close on my blog post HERE.


My New Binding System…

This past summer my aunt introduced me to a new binding system using the rings you see in my planner below. I immediately fell in love & knew this was what I wanted to use for my life planner. This system is ingenious because it gives you the flexibility of a spiral-bound notebook, but also allows you the ability to remove, add, & rearrange pages. It’s the best of both worlds! There are several different stores that carry this type of binding system including Staples, Martha Stewart, & Levenger. I’ve bought & tried out all three of these systems. While all of them have great planner covers & accessories, I fell in love with the silver-aluminum rings from Levenger. The quality is impeccable & they look absolutely beautiful when used with my Life Planner.


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.02.02 PM


I found a great video demonstrating how this new binding system works. You can view it by clicking on this link: An Introduction To The Discbound Planner System


To buy the download to my printable life planner, you can get it in my shop HERE.

If you are interested in having me print & ship a planner to you, please email me at The cost will vary depending on how many pages you want in your planner, as well as if you’d like me to customize pages for you. The starting price for a customized planner is $99. I print everything with my Epson R2000 printer. The quote pages are printed on Epson’s Ultra Premium Matte Paper & the inside pages are printed double-sided on bright white cardstock. This allows you to write on both sides without any bleeding. The tabs are laminated for extra durability. The planner also comes assembled with the silver-aluminum rings shown above. 

The 2015 Life Planner is FINALLY done!!!


I have to admit, I was beginning to think this day would never come! Life with a newborn has been wonderful, but also a HUGE adjustment! I just want to say how much I appreciate the patience you guys have shown me as I’ve continually pushed the launch date back.  You’ve allowed me time to enjoy my sweet baby without feeling overly guilty about not getting things done.  Hopefully your patience was worth it!

I am really excited about this year’s planner! I’ve made several adjustments over the years since my first planner launched in 2011. I’ve tried to listen to your suggestions & incorporate as many ideas as possible into the planner. One of the biggest changes to the planner this year is the size. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to only design an 8.5×11 planner.  There are several reasons for this…the biggest one is I wanted & needed to simplify my life.  The smaller planner has been a huge customer service issue over the years. I was getting a ton of emails from people who were confused about how to print the pages, line up the holes, print two-sided, etc. Also, I felt like it was really hard to squeeze everything into a small page & still make it something you could actually write on.  I know it’s more compact for carrying around, but I’ve found a solution for the larger planner size that I am absolutely in love with. I will be sharing my new system with you this week!  I will also be walking you through the different sections of the planner later this week as well.

For now, you can click through the slideshows below to check out the new planner & you can go HERE to purchase the download! It will be on sale for 40% off through Saturday!


Time Management Section…

  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_01
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_02
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_03
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_04
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_05
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_06
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_07
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_08
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_09
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_10

Relationships Section…

  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_01
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_02
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_03
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_04
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_05
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_06
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_07
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_08
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_09
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_10
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_11
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_12
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_13
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_14
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_15

Health & Fitness Section

  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Health&Fitness_01
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Health&Fitness_02
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Health&Fitness_03
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Health&Fitness_04
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Health&Fitness_05

Money Management Section

  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_01
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_02
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_03_New
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_04_New
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_05
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_06