Crystal’s Life Planner

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“I am such a huge fan of Crystal Wilkerson’s 2011 Planner. When I stumbled across this planner on Pinterest, it was already October of 2011. I couldn’t believe I’d missed out on having such a great organization tool. I implemented pieces of the planner that I could use the remainder of the year immediately. I loved each section of the planner but especially loved the financial section and its recommendations and time management section. In 2012, I look forward to using the health and nutrition tools to help me keep track of my diet, calories, exercise and nutrition. I love that journaling lines and a hole punching guide were included in the files. My planner pages were kept in a small binder and made very simply since I was just trying it out. I can’t wait to get the new 2012 planner and use some of my newly learned hybrid scrapping skills to really make this year’s planner exactly what I need and have it look gorgeous!! I shop planners at the stores often this time of the year. I usually settle for something with a pop of color but never end up using it because it’s so boring. Crystal Wilkerson’s planner is nothing short of fantastic and has kept me completely involved since discovering it. Thanks for a great product!” – Kat, Simply Kat Designs

“Crystal, I have been following you since I discovered your digi-scrapbook papers, that I totally LOVE!! Last year I downloaded your planner and I used it daily. Let me start at the beginning. I had started to feel VERY overwhelmed by how busy my life had become. Being a wife, mother of 4 small children, working full time, and holding a Primary calling was making my head spin trying to keep everything organized.
I hadn’t used a planner of any kind since my school days and so I was thrilled to find your 2011 planner. I knew the moment that I saw it that it would work for me. It took me a little while to figure out how to weave it into me life but once I did I couldn’t go a day without using it!
I have noticed such a change over the past year. I am more focused, prepared, and productive. One of the best things about the planner is that it is not just about keeping dates and appointments organized but it keeps me aware and focused on the ‘big picture’ things in life as well. Reminding me of who I really am, why it is important to spend time on me and how I am able to serve my family and others around me. You have truly blessed my life and made my head stop spinning. I am so excited to see more of the new planner and to put it to good use in 2012.” – Heather Cooper

“I used the 2011 planner, and I loved it!!! I felt more together and everything was right there. I loved the quotes, and added to it through out the year. I love all the different areas of focus and made me step back and think about myself and how things could go better in life. I think that your previews look awesome!!! Can hardly wait to get myself on track for the new year!!! Thanks for all your hard work and sharing with us!” – JoLynn Thomas

“I downloaded your 2011 planner & LOVE it!  It helps me to prioritize my time & when I stray :) it helps be refocus, re-prioritize & gives me fresh inspiration!  Thank you so much!”   Love, Oly