1. says

    These are wonderful! I haven’t had the extra $$ to purchase the planner, but, I’m so thankful that you are sharing the challenge for free… I’m still able to follow along. The simple steps you provide are easy to follow and have really encouraged me to dig deeper. Thanks again! – Les

  2. Jessica says

    Thanks Crystal. I just got my planner put together. I’m a little overwhelmed with how many of my faob need attention. I think I’m just going to focus on the thoughts section since it seems to be most flat. Is that what you recommend?

  3. Annalea says

    Thanks so much for slowing down the challenge . . . it was definitely moving faster than I could in the beginning. :)

  4. Robin says

    Just getting started. Printing the planner this week and getting it assembled tomorrow. Pulled and printed the Challenge for Week 1 on areas of balance and flat tires. I am excited to give this all a concerted effort versus what happened last year and all my tires went flat :)

  5. Lizann Painter says

    I love the look of the post – please tell me how I can download the planning sheets – Many thanks, Lizann from Cape Town South Africa

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