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    Love this! I really need to do it. My goal is to go to bed early, get enough sleep and wake up early to everything mentioned above. But, I’ve got a 1 year old, a 2 year old and I’m almost 5 months pregnant with #3! Is it really possible??

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    I do see the need for details now that I’ve read your post. And luckily, this is a goal I wanted to set for myself & now I can use your specific ideas as fuel!

    Have you thought about writing a book specifically on goal setting & similar things? Part instructional – part informative. It’s really hard sometimes to get down to the details if you’re used to looking at the big picture most of the time.

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    4:30am – WOW!

    I need more sleep than that but good for you girl. I wake up earlier than my kids and have to agree – it’s soooo nice to have peace and quiet and get ready for the day before they’re even up. Guess I need to get up a little earlier so I can sneak in personal scripture study BEFORE I exercise. Thanks for the great suggestions!

    Care to share your fabulous bedtime routine?

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