2014 Life Planner Video

This is a quick video of my 2014 Life Planner. You can purchase the download HERE.

Also, here’s a few testimonials from women who have used my planner over the years…

“There are many planners, calendars, “to do list”, organizers, but just one Life Planner and it is this one.  This life planner has changed my life.  I love the fact that it has everything you need to have an organized, planned, and balanced life…all in one place. Also, it thrills me that every section has inspiring quotes that invites you to reflect on how to work that section to your fullest! When you work full time and have two wonderful active boys, a husband, a house and even a new puppy, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the things that you need and want to do without forgetting to take time for yourself.  With this planner I have been able to juggle all my responsibilities by using the “PLAN”, “CREATE”, “DESIGN” AND “CALENDARS” parts by lifting my spirit, body, and mind with the “NURTURE”, “LIFT”, and “INCREASE” sections.  During this year I was able to enroll in a Gym, complete the 30 days gratitude challenge, start many projects that I wanted to do for a long time, and nurture my family and friends relationships among many other things. All of these things have been planned, designed and achieved in part thanks to the excellent resources available in this planner.  I’m counting the days to get the 2014 Life Planner so I can start designing a new year full of positive thoughts, uplifting plans for me, my family and friends. My goal is try to be as organized and productive as I can without forgetting that the most important thing is to live one day at a time doing my best. Thanks Crystal for helping me with this wonderful creation! It is an enormous blessing!”  - Glenda de Hoyos, Puerto Rico

“I purchased Crystal’s planner & it has been my all-time favorite planner!  Not only has it kept me organized, but I love the motivational aspect of it.  It reminds me to keep moving forward towards my goals & helps keep me on target in all areas of my life.  The bright colors & beautiful design gives me a daily boost of energy:)  Thanks Crystal~ for keeping this busy mom-preneur of 4 kiddos & 2 biz super organized!!”  - Monique Reyes

“Crystal, I have been following you since I discovered your digi-scrapbook papers, that I totally LOVE!! Last year I downloaded your planner and I used it daily. Let me start at the beginning. I had started to feel VERY overwhelmed by how busy my life had become. Being a wife, mother of 4 small children, working full time, and holding a Primary calling was making my head spin trying to keep everything organized. I hadn’t used a planner of any kind since my school days and so I was thrilled to find your 2011 planner. I knew the moment that I saw it that it would work for me. It took me a little while to figure out how to weave it into me life but once I did I couldn’t go a day without using it! I have noticed such a change over the past year. I am more focused, prepared, and productive. One of the best things about the planner is that it is not just about keeping dates and appointments organized but it keeps me aware and focused on the ‘big picture’ things in life as well. Reminding me of who I really am, why it is important to spend time on me and how I am able to serve my family and others around me. You have truly blessed my life and made my head stop spinning. I am so excited to see more of the new planner and to put it to good use.” – Heather Cooper

“I used your planner, and I loved it!!! I felt more together and everything was right there. I loved the quotes, and added to it through out the year. I love all the different areas of focus and made me step back and think about myself and how things could go better in life. I think that your previews look awesome!!! Can hardly wait to get myself on track for the new year!!! Thanks for all your hard work and sharing with us!” – JoLynn Thomas

“I downloaded your planner & LOVE it!  It helps me to prioritize my time & when I stray  it helps me refocus, re-prioritize & gives me fresh inspiration!  Thank you so much!”   Love, Oly


  1. Becky says

    I love it! Your life planner gets cuter and more useful every year, right? You’ve done a great job. Keep it up! :)

    • says

      Hi Heather, I actually did not create that invitation. They used the flowers from one of my digital scrapbook kits & so they put a link to my website to credit me. You’ll need to contact the owner of that blog & ask her how she created it. Thanks! Crystal :)

      • Heather says

        Hi Crystal,

        Thanks for answering my question. Is there any way I could buy the flowers image you created for them to use on our invitation? I can replicate everything except for that cute flower image.

        Thanks, Heather

  2. says

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