My 2015 Life Planner – Sneak Peek #9…

UPDATE: My 2015 Life Planner launch date has been delayed due to a new baby.  After 6 years I forgot how overwhelming the first month can be. I’m going to start posting sneak peeks again, although they may not be every day. I’m also not going to post a specific date for when the planner will be available. I’m shooting for some time in November. I want to give you guys time to get organized before the new year. Thanks for your understanding & patience during this time!

Thoughts on September’s Quote: I really appreciate this quote because it helps me to look at the times when I “struggle” in a different light. Life is not easy, no matter who you are. But it’s my belief that there is a reason & a purpose to each of our individual struggles. When we struggle to overcome something, we grow in the process. We become strong where we were once weak.

The perfect analogy for this is weight lifting. Muscles have to be broken down before they can become stronger. That process can only happen when a person is willing to struggle against a heavy weight. What happens when no struggle or resistance occurs? The muscles become weak. Struggle is the key to strength…as long as we don’t give in to it & give up!

Crystal Wilkerson's 2015 Life Planner - Sneak Peek #9

Freebie on the Fifth…October Edition

It’s time for another “Freebie on the Fifth” edition! Rebecca, Kristina, & I love Halloween so we were excited to put together a cute set of cards to celebrate! If you like them, we hope you’ll share the preview below on your different social media sites! Have a wonderful October!!!


You can download my set of cards HERE.

Crystal Wilkerson's October Edition of "Freebie on the Fifth"!

You can download Rebecca’s cards HERE & Kristina’s cards HERE.

(If they’re not up right away, just check back. Their posts should be up by the end of the day.)

My Reason for Taking a Break from My Blog…

Well I didn’t expect to take such a long break, but this little guy has been taking up all my time lately. We are both doing well & I am feeling a little better each day. I plan on getting back to my 2015 Life Planner sneak peeks starting on Tuesday. Tomorrow & Monday I’ll be posting the monthly “Freebie on the Fifth” & a coordinating “Mood Board Monday”. The launch of my planner may be slightly delayed due to adjusting to life with a baby, but I’ll let you know as we get closer to Oct.15th whether or not I’ll have to extend the date.

For now, I am soaking up every minute I have with baby Ty! He is the sweetest thing & we are all completely head over heels in love! Thank you for your patience during the past two weeks!


My 2015 Life Planner – Sneak Peek #8…

For more info about my 2015 Life Planner, how to get a 50% off discount, & when the official launch date will be, be sure to check out “Sneak Peek #1″ HERE.

*For today’s comment, I want to hear your thoughts on the quote below…

My thoughts: The mind is such a powerful tool. It can either help us or hinder us. I love this quote because it reminds me that I am in control of my thoughts, not the other way around. If we “believe and act as if it were impossible to fail” than the possibilities are endless.  This quote might seem to be in contrast from July’s quote, but actually they support each other. Of course we’re going to fail at times, but the difference is…will we let failure be the end result? Or will it be a stepping stone to far greater achievements? If we refuse to believe that failure is our last & final option, then it truly is “impossible to fail”. I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Crystal Wilkerson's 2015 Life Planner...Sneak Peek #8!

I’m having a baby today!!!

We’re heading to the hospital right now! I’ve already pre-scheduled tomorrow’s post, but depending on how everything goes, there might be a delay in the sneak peeks for a few days.  I’ll be back as soon as I’m feeling good enough to sit up to my computer! Prayers for a good delivery would be much appreciated!  Have a wonderful day! XOXO, Crystal