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Today I’m going to walk you through the different PDF files associated with the Life Planner.  In your download for the cover of the planner, you’ll find that there is a larger size & a slightly smaller size.  The larger size is for the outside cover of a small binder.  The smaller size is for the inside page protectors.  You’ll want to make sure to print these on the “borderless” setting, so as not to resize them.

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Each section comes with a title page, a quote page, & divider pages.  These are all formatted to fit the mini page protectors.  Once again, be sure to print these on the “borderless” setting.  You can customize your planner however you’d like.  For example, you can just print the title & quote page…or you can pick & choose which divider pages you want to use….or you can use them all. The divider pages just help to organize the planner a little more & keep your pages separated.  I also love that they add some more color & patterns to the planner.

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Each filler page has four different options for printing. I’ve explained the different options below & also shown you where to punch the holes…

(Note: If you print using options 1 or 2, you’ll cut the pages in half at the 5.5′ mark.)

*You can also watch a video I created that explains this in a little more detail HERE.

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*If you’re wondering where you can purchase the mini sized binder, I’ve found them at office supply stores & WalMart (although sometimes they can be hard to find as these stores don’t always have them in stock).  You can also purchase it online HERE…and you can find the plastic page protectors HERE.

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You can download them HERE.

The TABS are finally ready for the half-sized binder!  They are formatted to be printed on a 5×7 piece of paper.  I used Epson’s Ultra Premium Presentation Paper for my tabs.  You could also just use a sheet of cardstock & trim it down to 5×7.  The first set of tabs is for the main binder & includes: Time Management, Relationships, Thoughts, & Energy.  The second set of tabs is for the “Put God First” binder & includes: Prayer Journal, Scripture Study, Impressions, Daily Blessings, Favorite Quotes, and Talks & Notes.

Step 1: Print on a thick 5×7 piece of paper & make sure it’s formatted to “borderless”.



Step 2: Use a paper trimmer & cut on the dashed lines. Your tabs should look like this…



 Step 3: Use a “scoring” blade or tool to lightly crease the tabs & then fold in half.



Step 4: Once the tab is folded in half, wrap a piece of clear tape around both sides of the white part to hold it together.  You can then use a corner punch to round the corners if you like….or just leave it as a square. I like it either way!



Step 5: Use a scrap piece of paper apx. 5.75′ wide, line up your tabs, & make 5 marks.



Step 6: Use your guide to help you line up your tabs & then tape them down.



Step 7: Slide them into your sheet protectors & your done!






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 This is a handy little guide I created for the half-sized binders.  I bought a regular sized hole-punch for less than $8 at WalMart & then just adjusted it to fit the holes of a mini binder. Whenever I go to hole-punch my papers, I place this guide on top & center the lines with the middle hole (as you can see in the picture below).  It makes it super quick & easy & keeps all of my papers lined up!