“Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World” – Truth Vs. Lies

On Monday, I told you that a focus of this challenge is to learn from our negative thoughts. In fact, if we can look at them as a gift, rather than a curse, we will realize what a blessing they are! Today’s tool is something that everyone has access to, it’s super cheap, & it’s powerful beyond words. So what is it?  It’s a piece of paper & a pen. Did you know that one of the best ways to deal with your negative thoughts is on paper & NOT in your head? In fact, your head is the worst place to deal with your negative thoughts! This quote explains why…

The mind will outsmart you. Before you are even aware of it, it will be off and running into another story to prove yourself right. The mind can justify itself faster than the speed of light. BUT it can be stopped through the act of writing. – Byron Katie

Stop & think about it. How often do you find yourself rationalizing, judging, worrying, criticizing, blaming, etc.? Your mind is on autopilot all the time. Those thoughts need a place to go. They want to be heard & dealt with, otherwise, they will continue to play out as a broken record.

So how do you deal with them?  Well, there are several variations of journaling that I’m going to introduce you to. We’ll go through them one at a time over the course of the challenge. Today’s journaling tool will help you to decipher truth from lies. A couple years ago I read this quote & it really hit home with me…

ChangeYourThoughts_2015SummerChallenge_TruthVsLies_02 It’s time to start recognizing the lies & replace them with the truth. Get out a piece of paper & write down a negative thought about yourself that has been on constant replay. Did you do it? It only takes a minute. If at all possible, do it right now because you may not get to it later. Next, you’re going to look at what you wrote & then ask yourself the following question…

- Does this thought lift me up or bring me down?

By answering this simple question, you are uncovering the truth and it’s source.  If this thought about yourself does not contribute to your life in a positive way, then you can know that it comes from Satan.


- Truth comes from our Heavenly Father.

- It gives us a good feeling & leaves us feeling uplifted.

- It encourages us to always strive for the best within us.

- It fills us with gratitude & gives us energy & hope.


- All lies come from Satan, the “Father of Lies”.

- Lies make you question your sense of self-worth.

- They drain you of your energy & make you feel hopeless.

- They make you believe you’ll never be good enough.


Now take your piece of paper & cross out the negative thought. Earlier I mentioned that we can look at these negative thoughts as “gifts” & this is why: Satan always tells us the opposite of the truth. So, in reality, he has also “gifted” you with a very important understanding of who you really are & how God sees you. For example, if Satan wants you to see yourself as worthless, it’s because he knows of your value. If he tells you things are hopeless, it’s because he knows that, with God, there is always hope.

Take the lie & turn it into truth. Write it down & put it somewhere where you can read it EVERY DAY until you no longer doubt it. Ask Heavenly Father to help you let go of this “entrenched habit of belief” & replace it with the understanding of who you really are & what you are capable of with His help.

Remember to use this tool as often as you can to catch your negative thoughts & turn them around. The more you do this, the sooner you’ll realize what an amazing person you really are!!!  

The 2015 Life Planner


My new 2015 Life Planner is packed full of color & inspiration! You’re gonna love planning your days & journaling your memorable moments in this beautiful planner. It has everything you need including a time management section, relationship building section, health & fitness section, and a money management section. This year I’ve also included twelve colorful quotes to inspire you each month.

The sections & pages included in the 2015 planner are…

- Twelve monthly quotes & printable tabs

- Time Management Section: 2015 Monthly Calendars, Weekly Schedule, Checklists & Shopping Lists, Project Planner, Monthly Goal Sheet


- Relationship Section: Questionnaires, “Ask a Question” Journal, Weekly “Right Now” Challenge, Daily Gratitude Journal, The 30 Day Challenge, Bucket List & Journal, Service Project Ideas, Inspiration List, Ways to Improve Relationships, Book Club Pages

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.33.36 PM

- Health & Fitness Section: Weekly Meal Planner, Four-Week Exercise Plan, Favorite Recipes, Food Journal, Exercise Journal

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 6.57.07 AM

- Money Management Section: Monthly Budget, Monthly Balance Sheet, Monthly Cash Flow, Business Expense Sheet

*You can see all of the planner pages up close on my blog post HERE.


My New Binding System…

This past summer my aunt introduced me to a new binding system using the rings you see in my planner below. I immediately fell in love & knew this was what I wanted to use for my life planner. This system is ingenious because it gives you the flexibility of a spiral-bound notebook, but also allows you the ability to remove, add, & rearrange pages. It’s the best of both worlds! There are several different stores that carry this type of binding system including Staples, Martha Stewart, & Levenger. I’ve bought & tried out all three of these systems. While all of them have great planner covers & accessories, I fell in love with the silver-aluminum rings from Levenger. The quality is impeccable & they look absolutely beautiful when used with my Life Planner.


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.02.02 PM


I found a great video demonstrating how this new binding system works. You can view it by clicking on this link: An Introduction To The Discbound Planner System


To buy the download to my printable life planner, you can get it in my shop HERE.

If you are interested in having me print & ship a planner to you, please email me at crystal@crystalwilkerson.com. The cost will vary depending on how many pages you want in your planner, as well as if you’d like me to customize pages for you. The starting price for a customized planner is $99. I print everything with my Epson R2000 printer. The quote pages are printed on Epson’s Ultra Premium Matte Paper & the inside pages are printed double-sided on bright white cardstock. This allows you to write on both sides without any bleeding. The tabs are laminated for extra durability. The planner also comes assembled with the silver-aluminum rings shown above. 

The 2015 Life Planner is FINALLY done!!!


I have to admit, I was beginning to think this day would never come! Life with a newborn has been wonderful, but also a HUGE adjustment! I just want to say how much I appreciate the patience you guys have shown me as I’ve continually pushed the launch date back.  You’ve allowed me time to enjoy my sweet baby without feeling overly guilty about not getting things done.  Hopefully your patience was worth it!

I am really excited about this year’s planner! I’ve made several adjustments over the years since my first planner launched in 2011. I’ve tried to listen to your suggestions & incorporate as many ideas as possible into the planner. One of the biggest changes to the planner this year is the size. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to only design an 8.5×11 planner.  There are several reasons for this…the biggest one is I wanted & needed to simplify my life.  The smaller planner has been a huge customer service issue over the years. I was getting a ton of emails from people who were confused about how to print the pages, line up the holes, print two-sided, etc. Also, I felt like it was really hard to squeeze everything into a small page & still make it something you could actually write on.  I know it’s more compact for carrying around, but I’ve found a solution for the larger planner size that I am absolutely in love with. I will be sharing my new system with you this week!  I will also be walking you through the different sections of the planner later this week as well.

For now, you can click through the slideshows below to check out the new planner & you can go HERE to purchase the download! It will be on sale for 40% off through Saturday!


Time Management Section…

  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_01
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_02
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_03
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_04
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_05
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_06
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_07
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_08
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_09
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_TimeMgmt_10

Relationships Section…

  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_01
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_02
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_03
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_04
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_05
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_06
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_07
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_08
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_09
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_10
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_11
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_12
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_13
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_14
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Relationships_15

Health & Fitness Section

  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Health&Fitness_01
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Health&Fitness_02
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Health&Fitness_03
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Health&Fitness_04
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_Health&Fitness_05

Money Management Section

  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_01
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_02
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_03_New
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_04_New
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_05
  • 2015_LIfePlanner_CrystalWIlkerson_MoneyMgmt_06

My 2015 Life Planner – Sneak Peek #12…


I am working on finalizing the planner this week! I had a house-full of family last week for the holidays, so I wasn’t able to work on it, but I am SO CLOSE to being finished!!! Thanks for hanging in there with me! Since it wasn’t ready by today, I will have a special belated “Cyber-Monday” sale when it launches! Be sure you’re signed up for my newsletter so you don’t miss out!

Thoughts on December’s Quote: This life is all about the relationships we have with other people, and while we can’t control how others treat us, we can control how we treat them. I love this quote because it reminds me that people are best influenced when we show forth love through appreciation & encouragement. Think of yourself…are you more motivated to improve when someone is critical or when someone is encouraging? Personally, I find it much easier to focus on improving myself when I’m being encouraged!

Crystal Wilkerson's Life Planner Sneak Peek #12