Playing Around with Fonts, Quotes & This Week’s Mood Board Color Combo…

So along with mood boards, another thing I’m a huge fan of are quotes & word art.  I could play with fonts & colors all day long.  Below are a couple of quotes that I’ve been playing with this week.  I’m thinking about adding some of these downloads to my shop as well as to my upcoming 2015 Life Planner (more info on that will be coming in September).  I’d love to know which quote/word art is your favorite!

Enter my drawing below for a chance to win the downloads to today’s word art! 

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.22.54 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.22.15 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.24.19 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.02.37 AM

I’m a huge fan of chalkboard word art, so I thought I’d try this version out too…

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.18.17 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.45.11 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.01.56 PM


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“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

“The mind is everything. What you think, is what you become.” – Buddha

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath

10 Bloggers x 3 Templates = 30 Layouts!!!

I asked ten different bloggers to try out my new templates & write a blog review about them.  I am thrilled with the results!  You can see their layouts & the coordinating templates in the slideshows below.  Be sure to scroll through each slideshow to see all three layouts & then click on their links to read their entire blog review…

  • Kristina_Proffitt_01
  • Kristina_Proffitt_02
  • Kristina_Proffitt_03
  • Kristina_Proffitt_04
  • Kristina_Proffitt_05
  • Kristina_Proffitt_06

Blogger: Kristina Proffitt
Link to Blog Review: CLICK HERE

  • Marnie_Flores_01
  • Marnie_Flores_02
  • Marnie_Flores_03
  • Marnie_Flores_04
  • Marnie_Flores_05
  • Marnie_Flores_06

Blogger: Marnie Flores
Link to Blog Review: CLICK HERE

  • Mindy_Pitcher_01
  • Mindy_Pitcher_02
  • Mindy_Pitcher_03
  • Mindy_Pitcher_04
  • Mindy_Pitcher_05
  • Mindy_Pitcher_06

Blogger: Mindy Pitcher
Link to Blog Review: CLICK HERE

  • Sheri_Horton_01
  • Sheri_Horton_02
  • Sheri_Horton_03
  • Sheri_Horton_04
  • Sheri_Horton_05
  • Sheri_Horton_06

Blogger: Sheri Horton
Link to Blog Review: CLICK HERE

  • Amy_Kingsford_01
  • Amy_Kingsford_02
  • Amy_Kingsford_03
  • Amy_Kingsford_04
  • Amy_Kingsford_05
  • Amy_Kingsford_06

Blogger: Amy Kingsford
Link to Blog Review: CLICK HERE

  • Jaime_Ward_01
  • Jaime_Ward_02
  • Jaime_Ward_03
  • Jaime_Ward_04
  • Jaime_Ward_05
  • Jaime_Ward_06

Blogger: Jaime Ward
Link to Blog Review: CLICK HERE

  • Renee_Dezember_01
  • Renee_Dezember_02
  • Renee_Dezember_03
  • Renee_Dezember_04
  • Renee_Dezember_05
  • Renee_Dezember_06

Blogger: Renee Dezember
Link to Blog Review: CLICK HERE

  • Jennifer_Hignite_01
  • Jennifer_Hignite_02
  • Jennifer_Hignite_03
  • Jennifer_Hignite_04
  • Jennifer_Hignite_05
  • Jennifer_Hignite_06

Blogger: Jennifer Hignite
Link to Blog Review: CLICK HERE

  • Jana_Holden_01
  • Jana_Holden_02
  • Jana_Holden_03
  • Jana_Holden_04
  • Jana_Holden_05
  • Jana_Holden_06

Blogger: Jana Holden
Link to Blog Review: CLICK HERE

  • Francine_Clouden_01
  • Francine_Clouden_02
  • Francine_Clouden_03
  • Francine_Clouden_04
  • Francine_Clouden_05
  • Francine_Clouden_06

Blogger: Francine Clouden
Blog Review: CLICK HERE

New 12×12 Stitched Template Collection…

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 6.39.06 PM

My new template collection will be available on Friday, May 2nd in my SHOP.  It will be 25% off through the weekend, so be sure to check it out!  I’ll be posting layouts using this new collection in my “A Layout a Day in the Month of May” Challenge that starts tomorrow!  Be sure to join me for tons of inspiration during the month of May!  Here’s a quick layout to get you started a day early…

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 5.05.32 PM

Supplies are from the Digital Project Life “AZURE EDITION” designed by Amber LaBau found HERE.